๐ŸชŸWindows Installation

Installing a QBCore server step by step.

Database Configuration

XAMPP is optional here, you can install MariaDB by itself! Just remember to configure your ports!

Install XAMPP and HeidiSQL.

Start XAMPP and start the first two boxes, "Apache" and "MySQL"

If you want to auto start HeidiSQL and XAMPP when Windows starts. Launch XAMPP in administrator, Click the config box on the top right of the window. You should see a section called "Autostart of modules". In that section, toggle Apache and MySQL, then click save the config on the bottom right. Thats all you have to do!


  • Open HeidiSQL, click the green circle with the plus sign and name it something

The names don't matter, you can name them whatever you want!

Press new to create a session
Rename this to whatever you'd like and press open

Artifact and txAdmin

Make a new folder on your desktop and name it whatever you want, download the latest recommended FiveM artifacts, then extract them to the folder you made

The webpage for downloading an artifact version

Double click on FXServer.exe to run it. Once loaded, it should open a web browser page

txAdmin is already bundled in with the FiveM artifacts so running the server starter will launch it

After you link your FiveM account, which it should do automatically, make a password. Then you will be greeted with steps

txAdmin starting page after logging in

When you get to step number 3, click "Popular Template" then "QBCore Framework"

Choosing a deployment type
Selecting QBCore from the templates

Select a folder you would like to store your server data in.

It is suggested to use the path txAdmin suggests

Scroll to the bottom and run the recipe deployer

Click on next

Go to keymaster and generate a key. Fill out that information correctly.

Keymaster keys only require the IP address the first time it launches after that the generated key can be used on any IP.

Paste your Keymaster key where prompted.

Entering your CFX key

Then click "Run Recipe"

After you let the recipe install you will be greeted with a screen like this.

If you did not get the above message and got an error message, please use the official QBCore Discord and post in fivem-support

Let yarn install all the way through on the initial startup.

Once this is complete, we recommend visiting Setting Permissions to configure your server.cfg with any players you'd like to give elevated permissions!

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