Powering up on Twitch and YouTube!

About Me

Hey! I'm Josh, aka "Kakarot", and I am the project manager of QBCore. I oversee all staff and development related concerns on the framework as well as ensure that we are making reliable forward progression! I'm 30 years old and a father of two. I work full time but enjoy my week nights developing on FiveM and interacting with community members! One of my biggest passions is teaching others so this platform allows me to do that!

What is KakarotDevs?

Some of our community members learn better by being able to visually see code written live and often times discord just does not give that full effect so I wanted to offer more platforms for our community members to receive support. My Twitch streams usually consist of helping out viewers, answering question or working on the framework. The YouTube channel will have various tutorials ranging from very first setup to descriptive breakdowns on the inner-workings of QBCore.

Stream Schedule

The times sometime vary but typically always within this block

  • Monday-Friday 2pm-10pm (Central Standard Time)


  • Learn about QBCore, ask questions and get support, giveaways (soon), meet me!

  • Subscribers gain access to super-secret discord channels


  • Tutorials, walkthroughs, insights & more


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