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Buy & customize your dream home!


  • Allows players to purchase homes that are created by those with the real-estate job. They can decorate them, have a personal garage and share keys with their friends
By default, this resource uses the 16 free shells found in qb-interior


Viewing a house will bring up this UI which shows the cost and buy/cancel buttons
Use the radial menu to set locations in your house such as stash and outfit access
Personalize your house by using the in-game decorator



Config = {}
Config.MinZOffset = 30 -- how far under the ground shells will spawn
Config.RamsNeeded = 2 -- how many stormram items are needed to raid a house
Config.UnownedBlips = false -- enable/disable unowned house blips on the map
Config.Houses = {} -- populates automatically on server start
Config.Targets = {} -- populates automatically on server start
Config.Furniture = {} -- pre-filled with tons of options


  • Found in qb-houses/client/main.lua at line 697
local function getDataForHouseTier(house, coords)


  • /decorate - Allows the player decorate the house
  • /createhouse [price] [tier] - Creates a house and saves it to database
  • /addgarage - Adds a garage to nearby house
  • /enter - Enters the nearby house
  • /ring - Rings the bell of nearby house


  • police_stormram - Allows on-duty police to enter and search a player's home